Colomitos Beach



It is a small beach of clear and soft sand located between the transparent green-emerald waves, rounded rocks and a small stream with waterfall that escapes from a lush tropical forest, located one kilometer (5 minutes by water taxi – panga) to the west from Boca de Tomatlán (17 km from the main square of Puerto Vallarta).

To get to this beautiful and small beach, you have two options, one is taking a water taxi in Boca de Tomatlan where you can appreciate the coast of the “Boca” and see some buffers or if you are more adventurous and eager to explore the nature that it surrounds you, you can take the path that takes you inside jungle that you will have to cross to get to the beach, you will be able to appreciate birds and other wild animals.

Arriving at the beach you will have the opportunity to see a variety of tropical fish, including king angels, giant damsels, moray eels, puffer fish, rainbow wrasses, spotted boxfishes, among others.

Playa #Colomitos is undoubtedly a small piece of paradise for lovers of nature, wildlife and especially for those who seek calm and relaxing experiences.

If you come to #PuertoVallarta do not forget to visit Colomitos

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