Las Ánimas Beach

Las Animas Beach


Las Animas is a beach located in the south area of ​​Puerto Vallarta is the ideal destination to spend this Easter holiday, with its white sand, emerald green waters, local restaurants with exquisite dishes, extreme activities and the beauty that this small beach / island emanates.

This beach is 17 km away from Puerto Vallarta, 20 minutes away by land, starting from the Arcos del Malecón on the road to Barra de Navidad. Mismaloya buses also take you. You must get to Boca de Tomatlán, where you can also take a stroll along its small, but picturesque boardwalk, for an exquisite meal in the restaurants that are on the seashore, with an unbeatable view.

From there, to get there you must take a water taxi. with a cost of $50 per person. On the trip you can enjoy a beautiful view, you will pass by Colomitos, the smallest beach in the world and you will reach the pier of Las animas.

If you are looking to relax with family or friends, the animas will provide you with fun and relaxation. You will spend a very enjoyable day enjoying its waves, the attention of kindness of the locals, the landscapes of nature and the food that you can find in the small restaurants in the area.

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